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ATH-Heinl Bedienungsanleitung Single Lift 25M

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ATH-Heinl Bedienungsanleitung Single Lift 25M


MANUAL EMERGENCY LOWERING • In case of emergency with no electric power, lower the loaded vehicle manually to its initial position as follows: • Padlock the power switch. • Remove the covers on back of the column to check if the mechanical safeties are engaged. • If the safeties are engaged, operate the emergency hand pump (if ordered with the lift) to raise the lift a little bit to clear off the safeties. • After the safeties are clear off, put a proper bolt under each safety hook as shown to keep the safeties released. • Unscrew the emergency lowering screw by turning it anticlockwise until the vehicle is lowered fully. Screwing or unscrewing can reduce or increase the lowering speed. • Retighten the emergency lowering screw by turning it clockwise. • Remove the bolts from the safety hooks. • Refit the back covers onto the column and tighten the screws. Bolt Safety catch Emergency lowering valve Emergency hand pump (opt.) ® Copyright ATH-Heinl GmbH & Co. KG, All rights reserved / Misprints and technical changes reserved / As of: 2021-09 Manufacturer ATH-Heinl GmbH & CO.KG - 27 -

3.0 OPERATION 3.1 Operating Instructions Company: Place of work: Operating Instructions for Lifting Platform Risks to People and the Environment • Falling of loads or parts • Crushing and shearing points when moving the lifting platform • Danger due to uncontrolled moving parts Protective Measures and Rules of Conduct Before starting work: • Lifting platforms may only be used independently by trained persons over the age of 18 who have been instructed in writing. • When working with more than one person, a supervisor must be appointed • Daily functional check • Observe the manufacturer’s operating instructions During operation: • Pay attention to crush and shear points in the environment • Do not load the lifting platform above the permitted maximum load • Do not lift people • Do not shake the lifting platform, avoid rocking. • When lowering, do not stand in the lifting platform movement area • Arrange regular checks of the lifting platform Response to faults and hazards • In case of fault, stop the lifting platform immediately • Secure against further use • Report defects to the installer or manufacturer First Aid • Inform first aiders (see alarm/emergency plan) • Treat injuries immediately • Enter into the accident book • Contact emergency services for serious injuries Emergency number: _____________ Ambulance service: _______________ Date: Signature: Maintenance • Repair only by instructed and trained persons • Disconnect or secure the lifting platform from the mains power supply for set-up, adjustment, maintenance or servicing • Clean the lifting platform after operation and check the hydraulic level • Annual check of the lifting platform by an authorised and trained person ® Copyright ATH-Heinl GmbH & Co. KG, All rights reserved / Misprints and technical changes reserved / As of: 2021-09 Manufacturer ATH-Heinl GmbH & CO.KG - 28 -


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