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ATH-Heinl Bedienungsanleitung Single Lift 25M

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ATH-Heinl Bedienungsanleitung Single Lift 25M

LIFTING • Make sure

LIFTING • Make sure that the lift is completely lowered. • Use the lift truck to move the platform to the vehicle to be lifted. Make sure that the lifting column is in a vertical position and that it does not hit the vehicle. • Position the support arms under the vehicle. • Adjust the arms so that the rubber pads can touch the vehicle manufacturer's recommended lifting points on the vehicle. • Turn on the power switch. • Raise the platform by pressing the lifiting button until the arms touch the underside of the vehicle. • Make sure the vehicle is secured. • Keep pressing the Lift button until you reach the height you want. PARKING • Press the safety button to activate the mechanical safety precautions. • Always ensure that safety precautions are in place before working on or near the vehicle. LOWERING • Lower the vehicle by pressing the lowering button: the lift needs a few seconds to release the safety catch and then starts the lowering process. • Lower the platform by pressing the lowering button to the safety height. • Make sure that the safety area is free of people and objects. • Keep pressing the lowering button until the lift is fully lowered. • Close the power switch with a padlock. • Move the lift out of the work area. Be careful not to hit the vehicle. ® Copyright ATH-Heinl GmbH & Co. KG, All rights reserved / Misprints and technical changes reserved / As of: 2021-09 Manufacturer ATH-Heinl GmbH & CO.KG - 7 -

Safety instructions 1. Check the correct load capacity and load distribution of vehicles. 2. Do not override the self-closing lifts control 3. Keep feet clear of lift while lowering. 4. Keep free the area by lifting or lowering of the vehicles. 5. Clear area if vehicle is in danger of falling. 6. Avoid excessive raking of the vehicle while on the lift. 7. The lift have to be used by trained operator only. 8. Use vehicle manufacturer’s lifting points and close the doors before lifting of the vehicle 9. Allow no unauthorized persons in the working area. 10. Use height extenders when necessary to ensure a good contact. 11. Always use safety stands when removing or installing heavy components. 12. Auxiliary adapters may reduce load capacity. 13. Proper maintenance and inspection is necessary for safe operation. 14. Read operating and safety manuals before using the lift 15. Do no operate with a damaged lift 16. On the lift, lifting arms inside of the lifted vehicles any objects or people have not to be carried. 17. Before lowering the lift check that there are not obstructions under the vehicle or the lifting arms. 18. Lift must not be cleand under running water ® Copyright ATH-Heinl GmbH & Co. KG, All rights reserved / Misprints and technical changes reserved / As of: 2021-09 Manufacturer ATH-Heinl GmbH & CO.KG - 8 -


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