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ATH-Heinl Bedienungsanleitung Radgreifer

ATH-Heinl Bedienungsanleitung Radgreifer

Protocol of

Protocol of Installation/Handover certificate Location Lift _________________________ Producer ATH _________________________ Type/Model _________________________ _________________________ serial n˚/ production year _________________________ The above mentioned lift was installed on the _________ and was handed over to the client after start-up test and introducing of the operators totally functional. The following points were checked: Correct fixing of the lift with stud bolts (According to the client the soil of the garage fullfil the foundation conditions in accordance with the operation manual.) Complete installation of all mounting parts as lifting arms, rubber pads, covers and so on Checking sense of rotation of the on-site electrical connection (According to the client the connection corresponds to VDE and EVU regulations) Checking and explaining of the safety devices - Function of safety notches and lifting arm locking - Mode of operaton of emergency stops and synchronization ropes Checking and explaining of maintenance devices - Mobility and lubrication of movable parts - Adjustment of chains and control ropes Test run several times with intermediate stops until the end position –with and without load (synchronism, limit stop, restart) We point out that damages and errors which are occuring due to noncompliance of maintenace and adjustment works (according to operation manual and intruduction), defective electrical connections (rotating field, nominal voltage, fuse protection) or improper use (overload, installation outside, technical changes) exclude the guarantee! ______________________________ Place, Date ______________________________ Stamp/Signature installatioin company ______________________________ Stamp/Signature client/operator 40

Protokoll / Funktions- und Sichtprüfung (VBG14/BGR500) Aufstellungsort Firma _________________________ ________________________ Straße _________________________ ________________________ Gerät/Anlage ________________________ Hersteller Typ/Modell Ort _________________________ Ser.-Nr./Bj. ________________________ Regelmäßige Prüfung Inbetriebnahmeprüfung Nachprüfung Weiterbetrieb bedenkenlos, zum Zeitpunkt der Prüfung keine Mängel Es wurden folgende Mängel festgestellt: __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ Weiterbetrieb möglich, Mängel müssen behoben werden Weiterbetrieb bedenklich, Nachprüfung erforderlich (Zutreffendes ankreuzen. Falls Nachprüfung erforderlich, zusätzlich ankreuzen) 1) Der Betreiber bescheinigt, dass der Boden den Anforderungen lt. Bedienungsanleitung entspricht Prüfung durchgeführt ______________________________ Ort, Datum, Name des Sachkundigen ______________________________ Firmenstempel/Unterschrift Sachkundiger Kenntnisnahme der Mängel ______________________________ Firmenstempel/Unterschrift Kunde/Betreiber Mängel beseitigt am _________ ______________________________ Firmenstempel/Unterschrift Kunde/Betreiber 41


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