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ATH-G36-Warranty program 2021

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ATH-G36-Warranty program 2021

ATH-G36-Warranty program

ATH-G36 Up to 3 years guarantee ATH guarantee, warranty requirements Scope of the product guarantee / warranty Up to 3 years guarantee / warranty on cylinders, units, motors, slides, ropes, chains, valves, switches and notches that can be considered as manufacturing or material defects. The guarantee / warranty is only applicable when the following conditions are met: o Fully installed by a technician trained by ATH-Heinl. o Regular maintenance and control according our ATH specifications The guarantee / warranty is only valid if there is compliance with and evidence of the proper assembly, handover and, if necessary, instruction of the machine as well as 6 months or annual maintenance by an authorized ATH specialist. The maintenance interval is 12 months and must not be exceeded. In the case of non-standard use or seasonal/occasional use (for lifting technology more than 10 lifting and for tire technology more than 10 sets per day), a half-yearly inspection and maintenance must be agreed. The measures prescribed by the manufacturer in the operating instructions are an important part of the guarantee / warranty: o Assembly according to the manufacturer's specifications must be respected. o Assembly material according to the manufacturer's specifications must be used. o Regular testing, maintenance and care requirements must be complied in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. o If necessary damages must be repaired immediately or after consultation with ATH. Guarantee / warranty claims are only validated if all points indicated in the operating instructions and all the manufacturer's specifications have been respected. Everything must be documented in the user manual. In these conditions the claim will be immediately asserted after the above-mentioned protocols (assembly, initial acceptance, maintenance, care and service protocol documented) be sent to ATH-Heinl in connection with the maintenance agreement. Further specific information on the guarantee / warranty such as scope, claims and specifications are described in the operating instructions and must be observed. Page 1 of 2 © ATH-Heinl GmbH & Co. KG ׀ Germany ׀ Gewerbepark 9 ׀ 92278 Illschwang Tel.: +49 (0) 9666 1880100 ׀ Fax: +49 (0) 9666 1880101 ׀ Mail: info @ ׀

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